Let me Guess...

You are already working hard at being supportive,
it just isn’t working.
  • You don’t feel like you can do anything right because whatever you do to help, it isn’t what she wanted.

  • Not only are your efforts not accepted, they are outright rejected.

  • You can’t read minds (nobody can).

  • You aren’t even sure what the problem is because everything seems ok (or maybe not?).

  • Sometimes you wish life could go back to pre-baby (even though you love your baby).

  • Instead of the loving, joyful, new-parent experience you envisioned, you are tired and frustrated and worried about your partner.

  • And you don’t have time to figure out what is wrong and how to “fix” it.


BUT do you know what happens when you learn how to hear what your partner means, anticipate what she needs, and communicate your love, encouragement, and PRIDE in her as a new mom?

  • Parenting becomes more ENJOYABLE.

  • Interactions become more PEACEFUL.

  • Feelings of isolation and overwhelm reduce.

  • HEALTH improves for the entire family.

  • Fatigue lessens and MOTIVATION returns.

  • ROMANCE and FUN become possible.
  • Parents kissing.


    The importance of your role in the new mother’s and baby’s lives cannot be overstated.
    You are needed!


      Grounded in the day-to-day challenges of early parenthood and taught by a perinatal mental health specialist who has lived-experience.

    • TIMELY

      Comprehensive information is broken into bite-sized chunks to improve digestion and respect your already-overburdened schedule. You’ve got time for this!


      Skills learned are those that can be easily implemented into the daily routine and build on strengths you already have.


      Begin making and seeing changes now without the need to develop complex skills or methods or routines.


      Learn about free, convenient, and easily accessible resources for additional support.

    • SECURE

      Learn when, why, and how to access emergency resources so you are prepared and confident if crisis occurs.

    What You Get

    When you enroll today, you'll get instant access to:

  • The ENTIRE MIND that Momma online partner workshop

  • 8 Core Milestones of engaging material broken into 18 smaller lessons so that you can access the material on your time and at your pace

  • Additional handouts and guides (free of charge) that combined make up a comprehensive workbook!

    Most importantly, you will receive the confidence and skills needed to immediately begin turning what can be a painful and isolating situation into a journey of connection and recovery for yourself and your partner.
  • Dad on computer

    After going through the MIND that Momma workshop

    Not only will you better understand what is happening and practical ways to show meaningful support, but you will also build skills that will be transferable to so many other areas of your life...
  • Develop a foundational mindset for times of crisis or transition.

  • Learn the target pillars of mental well-being.

  • Explore your own transition to the parent-role and what this means to you as an individual.

  • Learn how to set and maintain healthy boundaries.

  • Communicate more respectfully and effectively.

  • And more….
  • How long will you continue to think?

    • “This isn’t working”.

    • “She (or we) need help”.

    • “This isn’t what I envisioned or wanted”.

    • “This is a lot more difficult than I expected”.

    Information you can TRUST

    Postpartum Support Certified Perinatal Mental Health Professional
    American Nurses Credentialing Board Certified
    American Association of Nurse Practitioners Trained

    Have we not formally met?

    Hi, I'm Heather-a dually certified Family Nurse Practitioner and Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner with over 20 years experience in healthcare. In addition, I am certified in Perinatal Mental Health and have training in Brainspotting.

    I am passionate about helping parents have access to the information they need to optimize their mental well-being in a way that is convenient and affordable. My unique blend of experience and training give me a realistic understanding of how challenging becoming a parent can be. Having the tools to manage the stress and overwhelm that occurs can make all the difference in finding your joy-and if you suffer from mood or anxiety disorders, I've got tools for that too.

    Still have QUESTIONS?

    I've got answers...
    • How long will this take?

      It’s up to you. This course is broken into brief lessons so you can start, stop, and return at your pace. We know how interrupted life can be with a new baby!

    • Do I need to do this workshop if my partner is already getting mental health care?

      Yes. This workshop is for you!

    • Do I need to take this workshop if I am already in therapy?

      Very likely. Not all providers are trained in perinatal mental health. This workshop is a great supplement.

    • Does this workshop replace therapy?

      Definitely not. But don’t worry, this workshop will help you know when, why, and how to get therapy for yourself or your loved one if it is needed.

    • What if my baby is already a toddler?

      It goes so fast doesn’t it? This workshop is about how to support the mom in mental or emotional distress and applies to moms of young children (including toddlers) so please sign up!

    • Can I show this workshop in a group setting or to my patients?

      No. This course is copyrighted by Joy Spring Maternal Mental Health. However, its is free until November 15th, 2021 and will remain affordable after that time so please encourage others you know would benefit to sign up on their own! This allows me to get their feedback to improve the course and know what additional offerings are needed. Thanks for helping!

    • Do you offer refunds?

      This workshop is free for a limited time but even when the price increases, I am dedicated to keeping it affordable. This is part of how I give back and make sure mental healthcare is accessible. Because of the electronic nature of this information, I do not offer refunds.

    • How long will I have access?

      You will have access for 6 months from the time you enroll. I know life is busy when you have a new baby but you don't want to wait to gain the knowledge you need for a successful transition!

    This workshop is PERFECT for you if..

    • If you are a person SUPPORTING A LOVED ONE experiencing postpartum mental or emotional distress (mood and anxiety symptoms or disorders). That does not necessarily need to be the baby’s biological father.

    • While the target audience is not the person in the new-mother role, NEW MOTHERS WHO ARE STRUGGLING may also benefit from this course.

    • The course dialog is directed at the supporting partner (with special emphasis on the person in the dad role), however, health-care professionals, social workers, doulas, lactation consultants and others who care for and support new mothers may also find this course helpful.

    • The goal of Joy Spring Maternal Mental Health is that everyone who engages in my services (whether it is direct patient care or online learning), feels welcome, heard, and accepted. I respect and value differing cultural lenses and hope this workshop will meet you where you are and be applicable to your needs.

    You are NEEDED Now!

    I am so excited for you to find power and hope in a (seemingly) uncontrollable situation!

    • By your PARTNER

      Stress, overwhelm and mental health symptoms are scary and isolating and can lead to serious injury or death.

    • By your BABY and/or CHILDREN

      Supporting mom’s mental health is a great way to model health for your children, join the parenting role, and ensure their own growth and development.


      So you can move toward having the calm, happy, balanced home you deserve.

    Most common response of experienced parents: "I wish I had this sooner! EVERY parent needs support"!

    Your support is waiting...ENROLL TODAY!